It works out more economically  for you if you do it yourself, for  one key reason: we know the  local market and will obtain for  you the best quality to price  ratio possible. Moreover we are  also ex-pats and we  understand your needs
We know you are busy, so let us  know where we can pick up the  keys and forget about the rest.  We take care of everything. You only have to worry about  the housewarming party!! 
Moving to Dubai or Abu Dhabi ?
Do not have time to furnish your home ?
   We buy and assemble the furniture. We decorate your new house. We put up the curtains, supply the bed, the kitchenware...everything.            As simple as this: pick one of our packs and in a few days you will have your house ready. Turnkey projects. You just sit and relax.
We are decorators and architects  with extensive experience in this  field. Your home will be  completely equipped and ready  for you to live in. We will also  take care of setting up your  electricity, water and internet.
You can choose any of our packs  or furnish it yourself, up to you!.  We offer a service tailored to  your needs. Ask for an estimate  at no cost at all, we'll be more  than glad to help you!! 
The cheapest one. Basic but comfortable. (+)
12.900 AED (2.700 euros aprox.)
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we furnish your house
16.900 AED (3.600 euros aprox.)